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When you move into a new home, a trip or two to Home Depot isn't just likely, it's inevitable. Turns out that holds true even when your new home is a box truck. Below, I've detailed the unfocused and wide-ranging list of items I found myself purchasing.

  • Graffiti Remover. I didn't quite find the truck in the most perfect condition. One tire was gouged pretty badly and the left side had been tagged up pretty good. The tire is all fixed, and the graffiti remover is surprisingly effective, but I've got a lot of area to clean - by my measure about 37 ft2. A couple more trips to an empty parking lot to clean it and I should be all set.
  • Work Gloves. To keep my hands from being coated in graffiti remover.
  • Step Ladder. To reach the top of the graffiti, though I actually haven't needed it yet.
  • Rags. To wipe off and mop up the graffiti.
  • Hornet Killer. Another pleasant feature of the truck, small hornet nests in both door crevices. Haven't gotten around to taking care of this yet, mainly because hornets are terrifying. They're like bees, but less fuzzy, more menacing, and can sting you until they're completely sure you're miserable.
  • Rope. Until I start building/buying legitimate mounting equipment, I need a way to make sure big things (like the bed) don't move around too much while I'm driving. I don't want a few sharp turns or hard brakes to mean rearranging the furniture. I'll post pictures eventually, but basically I tied sliding knots around the rails on either side of the truck.
  • Switchblade. To cut the rope, and just generally handy.
  • Broom. To sweep up the dust and trash that was in the back. I like to keep my truck dungeon clean.
  • Trash Bags. To dispose of the dungeon dust and trash, though I actually need to find a waste disposal place in the area.
  • Padlock. To lock up the back when I'm not "home".
  • Tape Measure. Generally useful, mainly for figuring out placement of shelves and furniture in the future.
  • Battery Lamp. The truck actually has some built-in lights in the back, but I got an extra one for good measure.

The only reasonable theme to glean here is that I'm a serial killer. Between the rope, trash bags, switchblade, gloves, and padlock, I'm surprised Home Depot didn't call the FBI as soon as I made it to the checkout area.

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