I've [redacted] people's faces from the photo*, both because of the questionable legality of hanging out and drinking in a truck, and for their own privacy.

As you may remember from this Q & A session I mentioned that a truckwarming party was in the works. Some planning, a little food, a few drinks, and a week of time were enough to bring the idea to fruition.

One of the benefits of living in a truck is that you can have your truckwarming party wherever you desire (within driving distance); we opted for a nice quiet park down the road. It wasn't anything lavish, just a few friends hanging out with some music and card games. There's a surprising amount of space left over (~100 ft2), especially after the bit of rearranging I did beforehand (I'll outline my most recent changes in another post), so it wasn't too cramped. Leaving the back gate open to let the fresh air in made the whole event feel more like a BBQ or camping than anything else. Overall, it was a great time, and I'm grateful to have a group of friends who accept me despite the fact that I'm completely deranged.

*And now that I'm examining the picture again, I'm realizing that it's pretty creepy and nightmarish looking.
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